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The Rondo/Mavs trade and why their chemistry will be the ultimate factor

Rondo a Mav: Chemistry in play

Rajon Rondo moving on to the Dallas Mavericks is a championship move. Make no mistake about that.

And that’s not to say that the Mavs weren’t a contender before this transaction because if you follow me on Twitter, listen to my podcast, or know me well, you’d know I’d been pretty high on Dallas and the proposition that they could burst the entire Western Conference bubble this spring.

And that’s before we now factor this latest development. Owner Mark Cuban has always shot for the moon and stars whenever it came about improving his roster year after year. Mediocrity isn’t in the cards. It’s why he’s the most intriguing owner in the NBA. It’s also why the the Dallas Mavericks continues to stay relevant.

How good can these Mavs be moving forward? Well in my eyes their ceiling is an NBA championship. The positives Rondo automatically presents to this roster is a guy willing to facilitate around a starting five full of scorers more than willing to take shots like Dirk Novitzki and Monta Ellis.

Rondo also present championship experience during the peak years of the Boston “Big 3” era and essentially ended up being the most important player on that team by the end of its run and keeping that team as relevant as possible as they continued to get older.

The larger question remains whether Dallas is getting a title starved and motivated player ready to prove doubters wrong or a guy who’s image as a locker room issue has spread across of the league over the course of the last few seasons.

How long will it take for Rondo to develop chemistry on this squad? Personally I don’t think it will be long. There are too many positive influences and leadership in that locker room like a Tyson Chandler and Dirk himself who have the respect of everyone on that roster, that franchise, and mostly that city.

In Western Conference this season currently dominated by Golden State, Memphis and upstarts like Houston and the defending champs San Antonio always in the mix, Dallas was already in the mix of teams mentioned competing for the opportunity to win a title. Now with a virtual slam dunk in Rajon Rondo, they have stamped themselves as a bonafide title favorite.

And that alone should keep Mark Cuban happy.

Don’t look now, the Mavericks will be a serious player this spring. How serious is up to Dallas and most of all, Rondo.

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