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Why Miami Needs to Fire Al Golden

While I’m a University of Florida alum, I have followed the University of Miami football program ever since I was a kid. While the Florida football program doesn’t exactly stand for mediocre football, the Miami Hurricanes are contempt with being an average program.

How else would you explain why Miami would keep head coach Al Golden, who went 6-6 this season and has a 28-21 record at the school? In his four season in Coral Gables, Golden has gone 16-16 in the second-rate ACC.

You can’t blame the lack of success at Miami because of talent. Golden has had highly ranked recruiting classes in almost every season he has been there. The Canes have had a top 20 recruiting class the last four out of five seasons. currently has 11 Miami Hurricane players being drafted in the 2015 NFL Draft.

   Name                                    School                  Position       Year    Height      Weight      Forty     Pos.Rank

*Duke Johnson                      Miami (Fla.)                 RB           2015       5-9          206        4.42            5

Denzel Perryman                   Miami (Fla.)                ILB           2015       5-11         242        4.72            2

Clive Walford                         Miami (Fla.)                TE           2015        6-4          258        4.87            2

*Ereck Flowers                      Miami (Fla.)                OT          2015         6-5          324        5.26            9

Ladarius Gunter                     Miami (Fla.)                CB          2015         6-2          198        4.56           18

Phillip Dorsett                        Miami (Fla.)                WR         2015         5-10        195        4.38           20

Anthony Chickillo                   Miami (Fla.)                DE         2015          6-4          282       4.84           18

Thurston Armbrister               Miami (Fla.)               OLB        2015          6-2          241       4.77           18

Olsen Pierre                          Miami (Fla.)                DT         2015          6-5          300       5.23           21

Jon Feliciano                        Miami (Fla.)                OG         2015          6-4          316       5.30           13

Shane McDermott                 Miami (Fla.)                C           2015           6-4          300       5.21           9

This means Golden can’t maximize  the talent that he has. It’s not an accident that these NFL teams see the potential in these players. The 32 teams must know that Golden hasn’t coached them as well as he should have.

This is why it is time for Miami to stop being cheap and fire Golden. The Miami football program was the premier program in all of college football in the late 1980s and 90s. Now their program isn’t any better than the Duke Blue Devils.

The Florida Gators fired coach Will Muschamp after four season because they aren’t going to accept being an average program in the SEC. Muschamp had a 28-21 record, which is the exact some record as Golden. Six and Seven win seasons aren’t good enough for their program and it shouldn’t be good enough at the University of Miami.

Miami pretends that they don’t have the money or the resources like Florida and Florida State, but don’t let them fool you. The University could find a number of booster who can raise enough money to buy Golden out of his contract.

The administration at Miami just haven’t cared enough about football since the early 2000s and it is showing on the field. With all of the television and conference money they have received over the years, Miami should have excellent facilities, but they do not. Until the presidents and the athletic direction make a commitment to improving the football program, Miami will be nothing more than an eight win program consistently.

The biggest loser in all of this are the Canes fans. I have so many friends that are die-hard Miami fans and they have one of the most passionate fan bases in college football. The fans don’t always show up, but that’s because they have seen an average program for almost a decade.

It appears the University of Miami is happy with the half empty stadiums on Saturdays and winning just six or seven games a season. Hopefully that will change soon, but don’t count on it with Golden returning for at least another season.

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