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A new scenery is needed of RG3, Redskins

It’s time for Robert Griffin III to demand a trade out of the nations capital. Times have changed for him in now his 3rd season with the Washington Redskins. No longer is he the media darling, the fan favorite or even Dan Snyder’s pet.

If you listen to overall narrative when you drop the name Robert Griffin III, you’d believe he is public enemy #1 and the sole reason for the recent Washington disappointments of the last two seasons. And no while he is not absolved of any responsibility of the return to downtrodden play in Redskin land, he still bares far and few reasons why they are simply…a bad football team.

Look, I’m not in the locker rooms. I can’t speak for the sources coming out with fire and brimstone looking to knock RG3 from his once seemingly untouchable throne. In fact I do believe some of the reports that have been leaked in recent weeks, that he’s been coddled by upper management and the description of him as “diva” and a “prima donna” around teammates do hold a lot of water. Where there’s smoke there almost certainly fire.

The Redskins issues are larger than Griffin and because of that they need a new start. RG3 needs a new start. He’s much too young right now and only two seasons removed from arguably one of the greatest rookie seasons this league has ever known one labeled as a bust.

I refuse to accept that.

Even first year head coach Jay Gruden has felt a sense of comfort criticizing Griffin’s play publicly to the media with zero fault and to take it a step further bench him this week in favor of 3rd stringer Colt McCoy. While I agree RG3’s mechanics should be in question I think the overall dysfunction of the Redskins culture has permeated into this individual and the locker room as a whole . His numbers aren’t actually terrible (when he’s actually on the field). It’s not like he’s actually a terrible quarterback.

RG3’s career numbers

CMP%: 63.5%
YDS: 7,272
TD: 38
INT: 20
Rating: 90.8

If you were selling me the idea that you’re not sure if he’s durable enough to be a franchise guy moving forward then I’ll buy that. But the fact that both Gruden, the Redskin locker room and the front office are willing after nearly three seasons to give up the project almost seems asinine to me.

At the end of the day if Griffin is to be traded to another team it may actually be the best thing to happen and it’ll be the thing that could haunt the Redskin faithful.

In other words, be careful what you wish for. You may regret it.

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