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NBA: What we’ve learned so far is…

As the first month of the new NBA season draws to a close, lets briefly review what we have learned in this very young season.

We have learned that Kobe Bryant is NOT Michael Jordan. He can score 40+ points and his team will STILL lose because of the lack of supporting cast around him. Maybe it is time for Kobe to think retirement, maybe a bench position. One thing is painfully clear, the Los Angeles Lakers and “making the playoffs” are NOT going to be in the same sentence in ANY conversation this year. As much as I believe in Kobe Bryant, he cannot win enough games by himself and with Julius Randle and Steve Nash BOTH out for the year, this Lakers team may be the worst in history.

Speaking of worst teams in history, that takes us to the Eastern Conference and the Philadelphia 76ers who have YET to win a single game. All the moves they made during the off-season, drafting Joel Embiid, etc… has done nothing but leave them looking like a “developmental team.” Do I dare say the word “TANK?” It is possible but a professional team could not be THIS bad, could they?

The BEST division in the NBA is the Southwest Division and that is WITH the San Antonio Spurs at the cellar at 5-4 currently. Memphis and Houston stand atop at 9-1 and Dallas follows close behind at 7-3. Expect a LOT of teams from THIS division making playoff noise.

Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry are the FUTURE of the NBA along with the regular names of Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, etc… Stephen Curry is Top five in the NBA in most offensive categories (minus rebounding and blocks) and is the front runner for NBA league MVP honors so far.

We have learned that even without Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls are the best team in the Central Division. What we already knew is that without a healthy Rose for the entire season, they will fall short once more. Rose struggling to stay healthy is NOT good for him NOR the Bull organization. Maybe it is time for a NEW lesson here?

Chris Bosh is JUST FINE in Miami and with the Miami Heat. As the teams number one option, he leads the team in scoring and is their MVP candidate representative. Bosh have Heats fans saying Lebron WHO?

What we have learned is that while it is just within a month to this young season, teams are already either solidifying their place as sharks or as pieces of chum. The Los Angeles Lakers are the CHUM of the Western Conference and the Philadelphia 76ers are the CHUM of the Eastern Conference.

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