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Westbrook Out, OKC in trouble

Oklahoma City Thunder already had an uphill climb with the loss of Kevin Durant but now that uphill climb has become a climb of Mount Everest with the loss of Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook injured his hand during the loss to the Portland Trailblazers on Thursday night. MRI shows a small fracture that will sideline Westbrook a minimum of 4-6 weeks.

With the Thunder already in an 0-2 hole, the team looks to Serge Ibaka to lead them, to make up the offense. If this were the East, maybe the Thunder would stand a chance to win and get into the Western Conference playoffs. But the loss of Westbrook is just another major hole that their current roster will not be able to make up.

YES it is early in the season BUT this is the Western Conference we are talking about here. The most competitive and dominant conference in the NBA. Teams like the New Orleans Pelicans, the Denver Nuggets and others who would be borderline playoff teams NOW can take advantage of the prohibited favorite when they are without their 2 key superstars.

Last season, when Houston’s James Harden went down, it was noticeable in the Rockets offense. Same goes for most teams who lose just one superstar. Just ask the Lakers when they lost Kobe Bryant?

In the NBA, the concept of superstar has never been more in the spotlight and is the most needed when it comes down to on the court performance. Durant, Westbrook are the faces of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant, Westbrook are the two cogs that make the Thunder go BOOM.

The Western Conference is filled with teams that can be contenders now. The top dogs like the Spurs, Clippers, Warriors, can separate themselves from the pack early and never even look back until at least December when Westbrook is projected to return. Durant, tentatively sometime in December is also set to return.

YES it is early BUT the Thunder and their fans should be pressing the PANIC button right about now because of the conference they reside in.

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