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Against All Odds: NCAA/NFL Picks Week 5

Every week, Mr. Pittsburgh SportsNation, Mike Drakulich, takes on his father, MJD, in picking 10 games against the Vegas spread. Pitt, Penn State, and West Virginia, when they are playing, will always be on the slate among the five NCAA games chosen, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, covered by Mike Drakulich for, will be included alongside 4 other exciting NFL match-ups.

The sun will rise from the east tomorrow. That I am 99.9% sure will occur. But, I’m leaving a 00.1% chance it doesn’t–just in case, as it seems I can’t correctly predict much of anything anymore, ESPECIALLY the teams that dwell from my reporting area. Pitt, Penn State, and the Steelers are killing me. Thanks to those bums failing me again, I registered another below average 4-6 record last week, and my dad fared only one game better at 5-5.

I’m going to try some reverse psychology this week, as I am going against Pitt, which pretty much means they’ll end up beating Virginia. It’s the Pitt way. Crush your heart with these laughable losses to Iowa and Akron, and then they’ll reel you back in with an improbable win down in Charlottesville. West Virginia will be looking to pounce all over Kansas, who just gave Charlie Weiss the heave ho. As a Pitt fan, I despise WVU, but they seem to be the only team that does what I pick them to do. Ohio State is a tricky match-up against Maryland. The Terrapins are as erratic as Pitt is, but I expect the Buckeyes to cover regardless. At first glance, it seems the Notre Dame-Stanford game is a sucker bet. The Irish are 3 point dogs at home. Vegas is up to something here, but I’m not biting. Notre Dame is going to beat Stanford, as they have revenge on their minds for last year. Louisville doesn’t look as good as they were predicted to be, and Syracuse held tough against ND last week at Met Life Stadium, still, I see the Cardinals taking care of business on Friday night.

Every fiber of my body wants to take Jacksonville over the Steelers. But even the Steelers couldn’t find a way to suck as bad as they did last week in losing to the pathetic Buccaneers. Right? Andrew Luck and Indy have looked pretty good so far. I like their chances at home against the Ravens. The Jets are reeling. San Diego is rising. A cross-country trip is not going to be beneficial for New York. The Chargers and Phillip Rivers cover. Tom Brady look old and tired. The Patriot’s offense looks average. You can’t imagine it staying down for long, but don’t expect it to get the motor revved up this week. The Bengals are looking pretty good, and after a bye week, look for the well rested cats to take down New England. Washington got butchered by the Giants last week. The nightmare gets worse as Seattle comes to town. That may translate to two consecutive prime time beatings at home for Daniel Snyder’s boys.

Lines as of 10/2/2014



(4-1) Louisville (-1.5) OVER Syracuse (2-2) / MJD picks Louisville


(3-2) Virginia (-5) OVER Pitt (3-2) / MJD picks Pitt

(2-2) West Virginia (-28) OVER Kansas (2-2) / MJD picks West Virginia

(3-1) 20 Ohio State (-8.5) OVER Maryland (4-1) / MJD picks Ohio State

(4-0) 9 Notre Dame (+3) OVER Stanford (3-1)  / MJD picks Notre Dame





(2-2) Pittsburgh (-6.5) OVER Jacksonville (0-4) / MJD picks Pittsburgh

(2-2) Indianapolis (-3.5) OVER Baltimore (3-1) / MJD picks Indianapolis

(3-1) San Diego (-6.5) OVER NY Jets (1-3) / MJD picks San Diego

(3-0) Cincinnati (-1) OVER New England (2-2) / MJD picks New England


(2-1) Seattle (-7.5) OVER Washington (1-3) /MJD picks Seatttle

*Home Teams in BOLD


Pick Results:

MJD: Last Week: 5-5 / Overall: 21-18-1 * –

PSN: Last Week: 4-6 / Overall: 17-22-1 * -4


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