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Tyreek Hill: Fastest Player in College Football

Tyreek Hill attended Coffee high school in Douglas, Georgia where he was notorious for his speed on the football field, as well as on the track. As a high school senior, Hill ran the 200-meter dash in the time of 20.14 seconds, which is the second-fastest high school mark of all time. To fully grasp just how fast Hill, it is important to note, his high school time in the 200-meter dash of 20.14 would’ve placed him sixth in the 2012 London Olympics. His time of 20.14 was also faster than any collegian in the aforementioned event in 2013.

His high school time of 10.19 in the 100-meter dash was also one of the fastest times in the country among high school and collegiate sprinters. Hill posted stellar numbers on the football field as well; but at the culmination of his senior season, it became apparent that he did not meet academic requirements necessary to attend most Division-I schools.

Hill chose to spend the next two years improving his grades and perfecting his talents at Garden City Community College in Garden City, Kansas. In 2013 (his sophomore season) he had 532 yards on 32 receptions and six touchdowns. He also had 659 yards rushing and five touchdowns on 101 carries. As a result of his performance at Garden City, Hill was recognized as a five-star recruit by many publications. He received offers from Florida State, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Nebraska, Arkansas and many more, but he ultimately chose Oklahoma State as they consistently displayed a willingness to cater to his ambitions on the track as well.

In his first four games as a Cowboy, Hill has proven himself to be extremely explosive, but Oklahoma State’s utilization of such a talented player leaves much to be desired. Hill has yet to eclipse the 10 carry mark in a single game this season. While he gets a healthy mix of receptions, as well as action in the return game, it would behoove Oklahoma State to get him involved in their offense with greater regularity. Though he’s on the sideline more than a player with his talent should be, Hill remains one of the more impressive players in the country.

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As a newcomer to the Cowboy’s program, Hill is not available to be interviewed this calendar year. If he returns to Oklahoma State after this season, NGNSC Sports will be certain to reach out to him next year. For the intermediary, I have compiled a list of items that make Hill a special player:



Hill is capable of playing the running back position as well as the wide receiver position at a high level. He runs a wide variety of routes well enough to be effective at the collegiate level. He also has more than enough toughness to run the football effectively between the tackles.

At this juncture, he’s been used mostly on screens, reverses, and outside zone calls, which unfortunately limit his effectiveness. As a result, defenses have come to know what to expect once he enters the game.

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On the above play, Oklahoma State goes with an outside zone call, but with the defense stretched out so far, all Florida State’s athletic secondary has to do is stay in phase with him in order to string him out of bounds.

It’s not a difficult task for defenses to gain leverage on the ball carrier on outside zone calls when they are typically playing zone against the Cowboys’ air-raid attack. If Oklahoma State would simply run their offense while alternating Hill between running back and wide receiver as opposed to merely creating tendencies when Hill enters the game, they would see better results.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Tyreek Hill Inside Zone Gif” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-6642″ ]

The results of this inside zone call could be a regular occurrence should Oklahoma State come to realize just how effective he could be in their offense. This play confirms that there is no need to manufacture touches for Hill to get him in space; he can do it by himself. If you were to take a vote from smaller, shiftier running backs and ask them what their favorite play call is, the majority of them will tell you they prefer inside zone calls. The above result is a direct reflection of why the play call is a favorite among smaller backs with great speed and quickness. Though Hill bounces the run outside, he was able to get fast acting linebackers to commit to him in the hole, which allowed him to get to the perimeter.

Furthermore, Hill presents a unique skillset that should rarely come off of the field. His mere presence on the field changes defensive personnel and alignment, which causes defenders to hesitate. When defenders hesitate during a play, it presents opportunities for others to have success as well.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Tyreek Hill Decoy” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-6643″ ]

On this play, Hill motions to the outside, which catches the eye of the defensive back. Due to the threat of Hill lining up on the outside the defensive back allows David Glidden to slip behind him for a 55-yard touchdown. Hill’s presence on the field has also opened up holes in the running game for his fellow running backs Desmond Roland and Rennie Childs because of the attention he commands from opposing linebackers.



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To say Hill is fast is stating the obvious, but he has world-class-sprinter speed that translates onto the football field. No. 20 Trey Marshall (who has run an electronic time of 4.34 in the 40-yard dash) takes a shallow angle on Hill in the video above. He attempts to chase Hill down but looks relatively slow by comparison and gains no ground at all. Marshall might be accused of “loafing” on this play; nonetheless it’s an interesting showcase of speed and acceleration by Hill.


Lateral Agility

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Hill has more than enough wiggle to make defenders miss in a small window as evidenced by the above video. Hill has the ability to string moves together, which many players with tremendous straight-line speed typically don’t possess. His combination of world-class speed, and lateral agility makes him a rare talent. It’s extremely difficult to make a defender miss in the hole. Dating back to his days at Garden City, he’s managed to make defenders miss in small areas on several occasions.



[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Tyreek Hill Hands Gif” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-6648″ ]

Hill is an outstanding hands catcher of the football. He tracks the football and adjusts to the ball beautifully while it’s in flight. He does a great job of not letting the football into his body. On short to intermediate routes, he routinely looks the ball in before he takes off to run, which minimizes potential for focus drops. He also excels at catching the football outside of his frame.


Areas for Improvement

Route Running: Hill gains separation with ease but does not “stick” his routes.

Ball Handling: Hill carries the ball almost exclusively in his left hand and occasionally lets the ball outside of his frame.

Release: While coming out of the backfield and getting into his route (particularly on arrow routes), there have been instances when he gets tangled up with lineman or linebackers. Hill must utilize his change of direction, as well as his hands more effectively to consistently get into his route more quickly.


NFL Comparison

None: While there are multiple players that have bits and pieces of what Hill brings to the table, it would be far too impetuous to compare him to any one NFL player. C.J. Spiller has his short-area quickness, but for all of the speed that Spiller has, he doesn’t possess Hill’s long speed. Jacoby Ford has Hill’s long speed, but Ford can’t contribute from the running back position the way Hill is able to; he also isn’t nearly as elusive compared to Hill. It might seem like high praise, but the NFL hasn’t seen a player this fast, this agile, and this versatile.



 Tyreke Hill is an incredibly versatile player that makes it nearly impossible for opposing defenses to recognize personnel groupings. His ability to contribute at the running back and wide receiver positions cause perpetual matchup nightmares, which should make him a highly coveted player. Hill is also a dynamic return man who possesses the speed, vision, and lateral agility to take it the distance once he fields the kick. While Hill is certainly a first-round talent, he is currently a third or fourth-round prospect due to a lack of utilization/production.


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