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Against All Odds: NCAA/NFL Picks Week 2

Every week, Mr. Pittsburgh SportsNation, aka Mike Drakulich, takes on his father, MJD, in choosing 10 games against the spread. Pitt, Penn State, and West Virginia, if they are playing, will always be on the slate among the five NCAA games chosen, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, covered by Mike Drakulich for, will be included alongside 4 other exciting NFL match-ups. 

It’s Week Two in PSN’s Against All Odds feature, and after starting off 3-0 in my NCAA picks, my record dropped as badly as the Pittsburgh Steelers lead did against the Cleveland Browns in the season opener. Finishing with a paltry 5-5 record, I find myself with a three game disadvantage to my dad, who went 8-2 on the week. I almost know how the Green Bay Packers felt upon leaving Seattle last Thursday.

This week, I find myself wondering about the myth of Home-Field Advantage, as I have chosen against the entire group of home teams. It’s a ballsy call, but some of these spreads look like they are there for the taking this week. Just look at Texas. Even at home, does anyone have any faith in them after being buried by BYU 41-7? I know UCLA hasn’t exactly been impressive in their first two games, but they still found a way to make enough plays to be 2-0.

Only time will tell. Let’s take a look at this week’s games:



(2-0) Pitt (-25.5)  OVER  Florida International (1-1) / MJD picks Pitt

(2-0) Penn State (-3)  OVER  Rutgers (2-0) / MJD picks Rutgers

(1-1) West Virginia (+3.5)  OVER  Maryland (2-0) / MJD picks WVU

(2-0) 12 UCLA (-7)  OVER  Texas (1-1) / MJD picks UCLA

(1-0) 6 Georgia (-5.5)  OVER  24 South Carolina (1-1) / MJD picks Georgia



(1-0) Pittsburgh (+2.5)  OVER  Baltimore (0-1) / MJD picks Pittsburgh

(1-0) Miami (-1)  OVER  Buffalo (1-0) / MJD picks Buffalo

(1-0) Seattle (-5.5)  OVER  San Diego (0-1) / MJD picks Seattle

(0-1) Kansas City (+13.5)  OVER  Denver (1-0) / MJD picks Kansas City

(1-0) Houston (-3)  OVER  Oakland (0-1) /MJD picks Houston


*Home Teams in BOLD


Pick Results: 

PSN: Last Week: 5-5 / Overall: 5-5

MJD: Last Week: 8-2 / Overall: 8-2

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