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Ray Rice, gone

Baltimore running back Ray Rice was released Monday afternoon by the Ravens and suspended by the NFL after a video was released of him appearing to strike the woman who is now his wife.

These sanctions are in response to nationwide outrage after TMZ Sports posted a video earlier today which featured the violent ordeal between Rice and his wife in an elevator at an Atlantic City casino.  They were both hitting each other until a blow from Rice knocked his wife to the floor, hitting the elevator railing along the way.  This video serves as the prequel to an earlier TMZ video that was released, which included Rice carrying his seemingly unconscious spouse out of the casino elevator.

In a press conference Monday evening, Ravens head coach Jim Harbaugh addressed the role the video had in their decision to let Rice go.

“It’s something we saw for the first time today, it changed things,” Harbaugh said. “It made things a little bit different.”

Rice is  suspended indefinitely by the NFL  and has been banned by the Canadian Football League.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as well as the Baltimore Ravens claimed that they had not seen what had happened in the elevator prior to today. Though this does make many wonder how TMZ was able to obtain so much footage, though it is the NFL will be held liable for the actions in that elevator.

Now, many NFL analysts, fans, and possibly players are left to wonder how much Goodell and the Ravens knew about the situation, as well as how much they cared to know, before suspending Rice for only two games.

Because the video only confirmed what many could surmise happened based reports and comments from league sources, many people should be  concerned that it took the releasing of the video to cause the swift disciplinary action taken against Rice that many wanted to see long ago.

With the Rice’s disciplinary action now official,  it may be time to put Roger Goodell under the microscope as well. Given how he has been considered to be  aggressive in how he fines and suspends players, coming up short on an issue like this disappoints NFL fans and deeply hurts their public perception.



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