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Halfway Hilarity: Wes Welker on the List of Problematic Receivers

Ponder this:

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker tests positive for having banned amphetamines in his bloodstream. He has been suspended for the first four games of the season.

Randy Moss scores a touchdown and gives a “moon” gesture to the opposing fans.

Terrell Owens holds out of Eagles camp for more money and, while his teammates practice as Eagles training camp, he does sit-ups in his driveway as reporters surround him and TV helicopters hover overhead.

Michael Irvin has a run-in with the law about something to do with cocaine use.

Gary Clark isn’t happy with the amount of times his quarterback is throwing him the ball so he stands near the sideline yelling at his coach that “you don’t trust me.”

Elmo Wright scores a touchdown and does a never-seen-before knees-bumping-up-and down celebration dance.

Butch Johnson scores a touchdown and pops up on his feet while shooting imaginary guns from his imaginary hip holsters.

DeSean Jackson has an All-Pro season and still gets traded from his team because, evidently, his coach and teammates have a big problem with his attitude.

What is it with NFL wide receivers?

The word diva leaps to mind. But that’s the easy answer.

For some reason scandals and the spotlight are drawn to them. They bring stuff on themselves. And we watch and wonder.

I’m starting to think Wes Welker is a little bit off his rocks. Sadly, he’s had several concussions already yet keeps wanting to play, which may be why he takes amphetamines. Who knows? The science of that is above my pay grade. This isn’t the first time he’s been in the news. Remember a few years ago when he apparently had a tense and public falling out with his revered NFL coach, Bill Belichick? You got the vibe Welker didn’t like him or vice versa. Probably mutual.

Welker wanted more money than the Patriots wanted to pay him. Or maybe their coach just got tired of Wes. To be honest, I’m getting tired of Wes. Remember “Toe Gate” when reports came out that New York Jet coach Rex Ryan had something going on with his wife and feet. Pictures got out, the whole thing blew up. I never saw the feet involved and never want to.

Rex got embarrassed by this episode – a rarity for him. He said he was, anyway. Then Wes, a few weeks later during a press conference before the Jets tangled with the Patriots, made a few corny references to toes and feet. The guy heckled an opposing coach in front of NFL reporters. It went viral. It seemed odd at the time. Belichick went all Belichick on Wes. This was the beginning of the end of their relationship.

You have to wonder about the guy. You have to wonder about a lot of NFL wide receivers. What’s their deal? Why are so many of them doing quirky, socially unacceptable, hair-brained, cocky, anti-social, self-destructive things? Give them this: They entertain us more than offensive tackles and guards and, for that matter, punters, kickers, and defensive ends. But to what end?

What are these receivers all about?

I mean, let me just say to letters: T.O.

That dude was wild.

What a show he put on. To this day we don’t know what he was really trying to tell us about his world or ours. But he seemed to want to communicate a lot of things while he played in the NFL that got lost in the translation. Now he’s retired so we’ll never know I guess.

He deserves props, however, for “get your popcorn ready” comment leading into a big game a few years ago. It’s one of the most memorable sports quotes in NFL history, certainly among wide receivers. Come to think of it, receivers are not the most quotable guys on a football team, typically. Offensive tackles and quarterbacks tend to be better at it.

I have a theory. Receivers act out because they’re not the quarterbacks and they are jealous. Their lives are controlled by someone else. Who likes that? They will never be the true focal point of any football team. Many of them wanted to be quarterbacks but, for a varsity of reasons, that didn’t pan out. Maybe one reason is because coaches figured out that they acted too much like wide receivers. They’re slightly bitter, somewhat jealous, a tad bit needy, and really not all that content most of the time.

They want the ball and the attention but they can’t have it on every play. Sadly, they sometimes suffer through a whole game without having one ball thrown their way. Their names don’t get called. Nobody knows they were even on the field. This bugs them enormously.

They are restless and riled up souls. Wes Welker Joins Long List of Wild Wide Receivers


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