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2015 Preseason Wide Receiver Draft Prospects

There are an abundance of electrifying play makers that can be found when taking a look at the 2015 wide receiver draft prospects. More colleges are using spread offenses which is allowing these athletes to put up video game like numbers. Bigger receivers are becoming more shifty and able to generate yards after the catch. Some of them are able to double as a threat in the return game. A feew of the players that appear in the top wide receiver draft prospect rankings are able to do it all. Let’s take a look at the top ten 2015 preseason wide receiver draft prospects.

1. Amari Cooper Alabama 6-1 202 lbs 2013 Season: 45 rec 736 yds 4 TDs

Cooper worked through an injury plagued 2013 season but is said to be fully healthy which means trouble for the SEC. He is a proven play maker having been the go to guy for Alabama since he first set foot on the field. Cooper is an explosive player that has tremendous run after the catch ability. He also has very good stop and start ability as shown by how he is able to use double moves to beat defensive backs. The way that Cooper is able to win at the line of scrimmage along with his vertical catching ability makes him the prototypical “X” receiver in the NFL. He has separated himself as the best receiver in the country. Playing in Lane Kiffin’s pro style offense will only help this young, dynamic play maker.

2. Stefan Diggs Maryland 6-0 195 lbs 2013 Season: 34 rec 587 yds 3 TDs

Diggs is one of the most explosive players in college football. His 2013 season was cut short in October due to a broken right fibula. He can make the catch on a slant and take it a long way for a touchdown. Diggs has the ability to stick his foot in the ground and get up field in a hurry. He’s especially dangerous running post routes because his speed allows him to run right by defensive backs. Having former NFL receiver Keenan McCardell as his position coach will only help his route running and make him even more of a threat. If he is able to stay healthy, he could be one of the most exciting players to watch in all of college football. He is a dynamic player in the return game as well.

3. DeVante Parker Louisville 6-3 205 lbs 2013 Season: 46 rec 743 yds 11 TDs

Parker has the best catching ability in this group. He plucks the ball out of the air and looks it into the tuck very well. One of his best qualities is the way that he goes up and high points the football. He shows the ability to make a defender miss and the explosion to run away from them. Parker also has a thorough understanding of how to create space within his routes by altering his stem. His run after the catch ability is surprising for a receiver his size. Look for him to get plenty of opportunities to make big plays due to the return of head coach Bobby Petrino.

4. Rashad Greene Florida State 6-0 180 lbs 2013 Season: 76 rec 1,128 yds 9 TDs

Rashad Greene is undersized but makes a lot of plays from the slot position. Although most of his damage is done from the slot, Greene is able to do damage on the outside as well. He is a clutch receiver that can be relied upon to take over games. Many remember that Kelvin Benjamin scored the winning touchdown in the National Championship but it was Greene who made all of the big plays to keep that drive going. He has the ability to beat press coverage and will make tough catches across the middle. He was Jameis Winston’s most trusted wide receiver last year and will get plenty more targets as he moves into the primary receiver role in 2014. Those inside the Florida State locker room have also spoken about his presence, stating that he is one of the leaders in the locker room.

5. Ty Montgomery Stanford 6-2 215 lbs 2013 Season: 61 rec 958 yds 10 TDs

Montgomery is possibly one of the best athletes at the wide receiver position in terms of size and speed. He is a threat to score whenever he touches the ball in the return game. His running ability made it an easy decision for head coach David Shaw to use him on the end around. They also like to get him the ball on tunnel screens. Montgomery is willing to go across the middle but at times, he short armed  the throw because of the threat of a big hit being laid upon him. He does a very good job of working his way back to the football and using his body to shield the defender from the ball. His speed is the biggest attribute as it allows him to simply run by defenders on vertical routes. Montgomery is also able to mix in a few double moves which makes him a very difficult receiver to defend.

6. Jalen Strong Arizona State 6-4 205 lbs 2013 Season: 75 rec 1,122 yds 7 TDs

Strong is a big bodied receiver that excels at making contested catches especially on back shoulder throws. He can be a deep threat when he is able to hit his stride down field. His long stride affects his ability to hit that needed gear on quicker developing routes but his big body allows him to create separation. Strong showed surprising speed by making the catch on a few slant routes and taking it the distance. His size should make him a more likely red zone target for Arizona State in 2014.

7.  Kasen Williams Washington 6-2 216 lbs 2013 Season: 29 rec 421 yds 1 TD

Staying healthy is the key to Williams having a successful year. Yes, that is the case for all players but Williams is coming off of an injury in which he fractured his left leg and plays the game in a physical nature. Williams is able to go up and snatch the ball out of the air without any regards to defensive backs closing in for the big hit. He has exceptional hands on the boundary, often making acrobatic, contested catches. That no fear attitude extends to when he catches passes across the middle. Williams is able to use his big body to get inside position on in breaking routes in man coverage. Scouts will also like Williams ability to help out in the running game. He is a very good blocker on the perimeter and was used often times to block for fellow receivers when they caught a screen. He can seal the edge for the running play to go outside of him.

8. Antwan Goodley Baylor 5-10 220 lbs 2013 Season: 71 rec 1,339 yds 13 TDs

Goodley is a wide receiver in a running back’s body. He is extremely tough to bring down after the catch. If you combine that with his speed, you have the perfect recipe for a yards after catch specialist. Goodley is easily able to run away from would be tacklers. He also has the ability to make electrifying plays down field as he blows by defenders on deep routes. He has a rare combination of physicality and speed (reportedly 4.3 forty) that comes in a compact package (220 pounds). He will get numerous opportunities to showcase his ability in the wide open Baylor passing attack. Goodley is likely to project as a flanker (Z) in the NFL because of his ability to work the middle of the field and make plays in the intermediate passing game.

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9. Sammie Coates Auburn 6-2 201 lbs 2013 Season: 42 rec 902 yds 7 TDs

Coates is an intriguing prospect. He has the speed and big play ability that will attract scouts. It will be hard to get a strong read on him because of the Auburn offense. One thing that will be clear is that he can be a physical option in the passing game. Coates plays the receiver position with an angry disposition. He breaks tackles with authority. He’s a physical receiver that will go up and get the ball yet is a reliable target on underneath routes. He is primarily an option on the outside. There is a somewhat explosive aspect to his game as he will find a crease after making the short catch and take it the distance. Just for extra credit, he is a gunner on the punt team and will lay a big hit on returners when given the opportunity.

10. Quinshad Davis North Carolina 6-4 205 lbs 2013 Season: 49 rec 730 yds 10 TDs

Davis is another big body receiver that will surprise some with his speed. He will be a match up problem for defensive backs because of his size. Davis attacks the ball with an aggressive nature. This makes him a dangerous red zone target. His long arms and 6-4 height gives his quarterback a large catching radius. Don’t be fooled by his long strides, Davis is able to accelerate well after making catches on screens and turn them into long touchdowns. He will be the focal point of North Carolina’s passing game now that tight end Eric Ebron has moved on to the NFL. Davis will need to show that he is capable of getting off of press coverage in order project well as an on the ball “X” receiver in the NFL. His 2013 battle with now NFL corner Kyle Fuller was a good indicator that Davis is ready to accept the challenge.

Honorable mention:

Dorial Green-Beckham Oklahoma 6-6 220 lbs

Nelson Algholor USC 6-0 185 lbs

Shaq Roland South Carolina 6-1 185 lbs

Deontay Greenberry Houston 6-3 198 lbs


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