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Kay Jewelers, Haggar Present Hall of Fame Rings and Jackets

The Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend is finally here. One of the most anticipated moments for the new inductees will be the presentation of the Gold Hall of Fame Jacket and the Ring of Excellence. The Hall of Fame rings and jackets are sponsored by companies in each of the respective fields. Kay Jewelers is now the proud presenter of the Ring of Excellence. This is their second year with the Hall of Fame after redesigning the ring in 2013 while Haggar Clothing company has been the official provider of the Gold Jacket since 1978.

John Apostolidis is the Director of  Brand, Licensing and Communications for Haggar. He was on hand to field any questions about the jacket and provided a lot of insight. Every Hall of Famer has a Gold Jacket from Haggar. They are the only ones that are able to get their hands on the custom woven Super 120s fabric in the gold color because it is controlled by Haggar. The color is not registered with any color service so it can not be reproduced. Hagar keeps the color standard securely so that it can not be duplicated. It is a specifically dipped color for Haggar. All of the excess fabric is kept at Haggar Headquarters and only shipped when it is needed to manufacture the jackets.

[airesizeimg src=”$-225×300$.jpg” alt=”Gold_jacket_lining” class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-5634″ ]]The jackets not only have a custom color, they also have a custom lining with the Haggar H – Crown and Pro Football Hall of Fame logo. There are also custom buttons with the Pro Football Hall of Fame logo on the jacket. Each jacket has includes a custom printed interior label with the Hall of Famer’s name and Enshrinement Number. The jacket is only able to be worn by members of the Hall of Fame.

Each jacket is custom made and tailored based off of measurements that are done two days after the player’s election to the Hall of Fame. It takes two months to complete the construction of the jacket from start to finish. When it is done, it is sent to the Hall of Famer for them to try on and to check for any necessary adjustments. Only the Hall of Famer is able to take a picture wearing the jacket. They are under specific instructions not to post any pics on social media when they try it on.

Just in case you were curious, the largest Haggar Hall of Fame Gold Jacket is a tie. They measured how much fabric it took to make the jacket as a way to compare the jackets. The tie was between Larry Allen (60 Extra Long) and Jonathan Ogden (59 Extra-Extra Long). The largest jacket this year belongs to Walter Jones which would be a 60 extra long if it were purchased off the rack at a store. The most common size Hall of Fame Gold Jacket is 48 and 50 long.

[airesizeimg src=”$-300×225$.jpg” alt=”ceremony_ring” class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-5624″ ]Kay jewelers had 2014 Hall of Fame inductee, Andre Reed’s Hall of Fame ring on display. They redid the ring to add more flair to it. The Ring of Excellence now has a likeness of the Hall of Famer’s bust on one side while the other side has his name, position and his enshrinement class on it. A special engraving is on the inside of each ring which is customized to reflect each Enshrinee’s career.

Kimberly Kanary, VP of Public Relations & Social Media for Kay Jewelers, said that the ring has diamonds that “create a stadium effect as they surround a football shaped diamond center.” The total diamond weight in the ring is 1 3/4 carats. Kanary also described the color gemstone that is featured in the ring. “There is also a vibrant blue gemstone that was selected for appearance and meaning. Blue is often associated with confidence, power and integrity – all traits of these incredible athletes.”

The current version of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring of Excellence is the third variation of the ring in it’s history. A job well done by Kay Jewelers.

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