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John Harbaugh: Ravens Likely To Visit 49ers In 2015

John Harbaugh touched on the Baltimore Ravens and their upcoming training camp visit from his brother’s San Francisco 49ers at his press conference to conclude mini camp. The NFL was wise to pair the two franchises up this summer. The 49ers and Ravens will open up their exhibition season against each other in Baltimore. This will be the first time that these two teams got together since the thriller of a Super Bowl game that was won by the Ravens. John Harbaugh also revealed future plans of his Ravens visiting the 49ers for a training camp session.

The Harbaugh brothers lead two teams that are built very much alike. The core principles for the two teams are hard work and toughness. John Harbaugh spoke about how he feels things will go.

“It’ll go well. I think it’s going to be great to have the Niners in here. There were arguably one of the best teams in the NFL last year. One of the top two obviously. Some think that they’re the best. Probably the Niners feel that way. We want to go against the best. We want to get after it for four days, test ourselves and try to become a better football team.”

Teams have started to hold joint practices during training camp to give their players a break from going against each other and get a better measure of where they stand. The players get an opportunity to face off against an actual opponent as opposed to someone on the same team. The mixed practices always work well when they involve two teams that are as similar as the 49ers and Ravens. John Harbaugh was quick to point out that he’s looking forward to the new challenge that his players will face in August.

“I’m excited that we are going against a program that we understand what they are all about. We’re not bringing some program in here that we don’t trust or doesn’t believe in the things that we believe in as far as hard work. It’s a program that mirrors what we are trying to do and that is working hard. To me that’s really important. Both teams will get better as a result.”

Another thing that came out of the press conference was the idea that the Ravens will return the favor and travel to Santa Clara to practice against the 49ers next summer. John Harbaugh said that they will go to San Francisco at some point in time, probably next year. He also mentioned how much he is looking forward to getting their families together during training camp which is a rarity.

The sibling rivalry already has two chapters in the book, both of which have been won by John Harbaugh.  The Ravens beat an Alex Smith led 49ers team on Thanksgiving Night in 2011. Chapter two was Super Bowl XLVII. The next chapter will come in August and could be followed by another camp meeting in 2015.

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