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Is Eric Ebron The Missing Piece To The Buffalo Bills Offense?

In 2013, the Buffalo Bills finished 26th in passing offense. While receiver Stevie Johnson is still a solid option for the club, the Bills lack a playmaker on offense. That’s why the Bills should select former University of North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron.

During his junior season at North Carolina, Ebron established new tight end school records in single-season receptions (62), single-season receiving yards (973), career receptions (112) and career receiving yards (1,805).

Ebron has the athleticism of a basketball player, with a tight end body. He can box out defenders with his 6’4 250 pound body. Ebron also has the ability to snatch and grab the ball with his hands in space.

Ebron has very agile feet and is dangerous once he catches the football. He would be a nightmare to cover on the football field because with his 4.5 speed. The 21-year-old is fast enough to break away from linebackers, but will be a challenge for safeties to cover because of his size.

Buffalo hasn’t had a dynamic receiving playmaker like Ebron since their Super Bowl days during the 1990s. While I like tight end and last year’s leading receiver Scott Chandler, but Ebron would be an instant upgrade at tight end.

Ebron is versatile because not only can he line up in the slot, he also has experience lining up as a traditional tight-end. If you’re the Bills, you can put Ebron in the slot and have a Stevie Johnson and Robert Woods as the outside receivers. The team could still find playing time for Chandler as you can line him up in the traditional tight end position.

Just the presence of Ebron would create mismatches on the Bills’ offense. Teams would have to create strategies to prevent Ebron from getting the ball, which would open up more opportunities for Chandler, Johnson, Woods and Mike Williams.

Quarterback E.J. Manuel is entering his second year, and Buffalo should surround him with as many weapons as possible to help him succeed in 2014. During the Bills’ pre-draft press conference last week, general manager Doug Whaley made it known that he plans to get Manuel more weapons.




After having a top 10 defense last season, it is time for the Bills to add playmakers to their offense. If the team has any aspirations of dethroning the New England Patriots in the AFC East and making the playoffs for the first time since 1999, they have to improve their 18th ranked offense.


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