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Tennessee Titans Needs

When talking about needs and wants, fans can sometimes confuse the two, mostly because they may want an upgrade at a particular position. For example, some people would consider Quarterback a “need” for the Tennessee Titans, however, I feel that when healthy, Jake Locker showed a lot of progress last year and can be a good NFL starter. Once again I am pointing out that he MUST stay healthy. Well, below I will be listing the needs of the Tennessee Titans for the 2014 NFL season. Also, I’ll be giving a heads up on my favorite prospect and the type of impact he could have on the Titans or any other team that drafts him.

Running Back – Chris Johnson has now been released and the Titans can now move on with Greene, McCluster, and a probable mid to late round draft pick. Just to be clear, I think the Titans can survive with Shonn Greene for this year, but he is not a back that will carry the load. The Titans have already said they are fine with the running back by committee approach, so they need to get a 3rd guy in there. There are numerous guys they can select on day 3 of the draft to fill this void.

Offensive Tackle – Dave “Big Country” Stewart was also recently cut last month, mostly due because of his cap number. Roos on the other side will also be going into the final year of his contract, so even if they re-sign him, they will still need a tackle for the right side. They could address this within their first two picks of the draft in May. The Titans have had pretty good success with taking offensive lineman outside of round one, as shown by both Stewart and Roos.

Nose Tackle – The Titans are switching to a 3-4 this year. They have players on the line that can adjust to the switch to 3-4 DEs and/or 3-4 OLBs. However, they do not have a NT. The biggest person on the Titans roster is Sammie Lee Hill, but he has mostly played in a 4-3 his entire career. The other two other guys, Antonio Johnson and Chigbo Anunoby either are not top notch or experienced NTs. The draft is deep for this position, but I’ll bring up someone later that I think would be huge for this need.

Cornerback – Pro Bowl CB Alterraun Verner is now in Tampa Bay and the Titans did not feel the need to go out and sign a big name FA to replace him. It is a big loss for a Titans team that showed so much improvement in the secondary last year. This is now something that could turn into a Justin Gilbert pick. They seems happy with filling the spot from within, but anything is possible in the upcoming draft.

Inside Linebacker – This is a need that I probably disagree with, but I’m listing it because a lot of Titans fans feel this is a need. I am a big fan of Colin McCarthy. I feel he’s a game changer and a smart player, but he’s been hurt a lot over the past 2 years and he’s been a 4-3 MLB. There is a big difference between a 4-3 MLB and a 3-4 MLB.

My Favorite Prospect – Louis Nix III

Nix is a massive NT in the frame of a 6’2 331 pound body. He at times was dominant at Notre Dame. He was a monster run stuffer and commands a double team on almost every play. He has great quickness for his size and is a strong tackler. If you watch his sophomore tape he was almost as good of a NT as Jadeveon Clowney was as a DE. He missed games with a torn meniscus last year, but he seems to be fully recovered. He should be selected in the middle of the 1st round between picks 15 and 20.

The Titans are coming off a 7-9 year and will have a lot of changes including a new head coach, a new defensive alignment, and the usual player turnover that a normal NFL team has. How they fill the “needs” listed above will have a big effect on whether they will make the playoffs in a semi-weak conference. They will have an active and interesting offseason that should be very fun to watch over the next few months.

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