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USA Football Bowl Day 1

Forgive me if I sound off. The first day means travel day and we all love flying around the country. Having to fly on the red eye out of the Sunshine State, which at the time had no sun, I was fueled by adrenaline and a pure love of the game, I made it out of Florida and through Charlotte before landing in Birmingham, Alabama, the home of the 20th USA Football Game.  As one of only four recognized college all star football bowl games, being able to call the play by play for the game is quite an honor.

After landing and finding the ride to the hotel, I got to meet a couple of plyers.  Riding with running back Tevin Mitchell from Hardin-Simmons and defensive end Rodney Johnson from Southwestern Assemblies of God University allowed me to listen to these two humble, regular Texas guys.

At the hotel, we have players of all shape and sizes. There was so much diversity, even I was mistaken for one of the players when checking in.  Ralph mingled with a couple dozen players and got guys interested in being interviewed.  Many of the players here come from Division II all the way down to the NAIA.  These players have not received the media attention they deserve, so they are very eager to be recorded.

At the media dinner that was held at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium brought all the athletes together, along with the local media and the NGN.  After being served some delicious barbecue pork, chicken and some sweet tea, the head honcho Dennis Wilson spoke about the history of lower division players being successful in the NFL.  He received a justly due applause and then the fun began.

With Sharon Fabulosa running the show and with I providing support and a handling a couple myself, we interview a huge slew of players.  The line that was formed was so long, the busses had to be held to finish the line of players.  It was like waiting for an X-Box One.  The best part of these interviews was that we were able to stream it live to Spreaker with great audio quality after a slightly rough start.

Ralph and I got to see the press box.  Keep in mind that this is a baseball stadium and the press box is traditionally behind home plate.  This stadium was built with hosting football in mind, so there is a full broadcast booth along the 50 yard line. Absolutely brilliant.

Like me and rest of the National Gridiron Network, all of the guys playing here are working hard to make a good impression in order to spring us to the next level.

This has been a good day, but the best is yet to come.

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