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Fantasy Flash Week 15: Pickups, starts and sits

Fantasy Playoff Edition

Week 15 Pickups:


None – To be completely honest, if you don’t have a top 12-15 QB right now, then there is no one out there that is going to come out of nowhere to help you.


Toby Gerhart – This is more of a, pick him up because he’s going to start a game or 2, not a, pick him up and expect him to play well, type of pickup. I suspect there is a chance Peterson could be done for the year, which is why I told Peterson owners a couple weeks ago to pick him up. It may be too late now.


Da’Rick Rogers – He’s an outstanding talent that has not put it together mentally. However, the Colts have lacked talent at WR since Wayne went down, so they are rolling the dice and he stepped up bog last week. He will be inconsistent, but if you’re desperate, you may want to roll the dice also.


Dennis Pitta – He was much better than expected last week. He may not do much better than he did last week, but he can duplicate the performance.


Eagles – The Vikings have already been a team that you want your defense to be playing against. Add to the fact that they won’t have Adrian Peterson and it makes even a struggling defense like the Eagles a good start.

Colts – The Texans are in the middle of transition right now after firing their head Coach Gary Kubiak. It’s very rare that a team will do better when their coach has just been fired. The Colts have not been playing well, but this could be just what the doctor prescribed for them, and your fantasy team.

Starts: (outside of top 10 players of that position):


Nick Foles – You’ll be hard pressed to name 5 QBs that have done better than Nick FOles this year. He has solidified himself as an every week starter. He’ll be facing a Viking team that has given up the 2nd most fantast points to QBs all year.

Robert Griffin III – This may sound a little crazy because of all the craziness going in Washington, but I think as long as Shanahan isn’t nuts and he starts RG3, he’ll have a good game. The Falcons give up the 2nd most points to QBs and their season is also long gone.


DeMarco Murray – He’s hot right now and will be facing a Packer team that is in the bottom 10 of the league against RBs in fantasy. Even though the Packers are desperate for a win, so are the Cowboys, and they showed last week that they can produce on the ground, even when they don’t win the game.

Eddie Lacy – I do not think Rodgers will be playing this week, so the Packers will once again depend on their ground game. He had 90 yards and a TD last week and I would expect bigger numbers this week as Dallas is the worst team in the league against RBs.


Eric Decker – In the last 2 weeks, Eric Decker and emerged as Peyton Manning’s favorite WR. He has had 16 catches for 291 yards and 5 TDs. Now he faces a SD defense that has been bad against WRs all year. It’s a match up made in heaven.

DeSean Jackson – D-Jax was 1 of the few WRs that actually produced in the blizzard last week in Philadelphia. He now gets to go against a Packer secondary that has been underachieving all year. He should be able to get over the top for 1 bomb.


Greg Olsen – If you watched the Monday night game when Carolina’s defense was exposed for the 1st time this year, even in that blowout, Olsen was heavily targeted by Cam Newton. He and Steve Smith are Cam’s only dependable WRs. They will be dependable on most weeks against most teams.



Tom Brady – I know, I know, what I am telling you to do is blasphemy. Who would bench Tom Brady in a playoff game, in the middle of his hot stretch? I am only recommending this if you have a top 10 QB. The Dolphins are a top 5 defense against QBs, so beware and temper expectations.

Ben Roethlisberger – Big Ben is another QB that has been hot, but once again, this is if you have a top 10 QB. If you have no choice, just don’t expect much. The Bengals are a good overall defense and top 10 against QBs.


Andre Brown – “What can Brown do for you?” Well, apparently Brown can do a lot for you. He has been great since coming back from IR, but Seattle’s rush defense has woken up and the Giants are dead in the water. Even if he can get 60-70 yards, it will be hard for him to score in this one.

Reggie Bush – Here’s a guy I really wanted to point out this week because he killed me and NUMEROUS fantasy owners with his last second injury in warm ups. Now not only is he questionable for this week, he’s facing a tough rush defense in Baltimore. I wouldn’t trust him anymore if I were you.


Larry Fitzgerald – Even though Manning went nuts off the Titans last week, they still have the best defense against WRs in the league. Palmer may try to force feed him, but I just don’t like the match up from the Cardinals side.

Vincent Jackson – After a rough start of the year, the 49er defense that we all know and love seems to have returned. They have been very good lately and have moved into a top 10 defense. Tampa Bay is fighting hard, but this could get ugly. You’ll have to hope for a cheap TD late.


Jordan Reed – Don’t get me wrong. Reed has a good matchup against Atlanta. However, he just can’t be depended on. This concussion has lingered and that’s not a good thing. He could start Sunday and be 1 hit from being out for the game again. It’s not a risk that you should be willing to take.


That was your Football Fantasy Flash pickup, start, and sit information for week 15 info.

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