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AFC and NFC South Previews: Week 13

These are the AFC and NFC South previews for week 13 in the NFL

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

Ever since the Titans lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, 3 weeks ago, I called them done. Even though they won last week to technically put them in the 6th spot, for me to change my mind on them STILL being done, they have to win this week. A loss this week, followed by a loss to Denver next week could have others agreeing with me. The Colts have been really bad the last 3 weeks and are a far cry from the team that beat SF, Sea, and Den earlier this year. Did the loss of Reggie Wayne trigger THIS much? If they don’t get it in gear fast, it will be a 2nd straight year of being 1 and done in the playoffs, if they make it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers

I’ve been saying most of the year that the Bucs are better than their record. Now they are starting to prove it. They are 2 FGs in the 1st 2 game of the season from being 5-6 even with all the QB changes and RB injuries. The Panthers are 1 of my favorite teams in the league to watch because I like watching defense. After giving up the Mike Wallace bomb last week, they locked down Miami for most of the game to get a tough road win. I’ll continue to say this for the rest of their year, “The Defense is REAL”.

New England Patriots at Houston Texans

Thankfully for the Patriots, Peyton Manning took a 40 minute shower, and missed the 2nd half of the game (Old Spice Commercial reference). Tom Brady showed why when the money is on the line, he’s the one you want as your QB. At the start of the year, could you even try to imagine the Houston Texans could actually be 0-11 right now? They are 2 FGs at the end of regulation in their 1st 2 weeks of the season from currently being winless. Crazy thought for a team that was looked at as a Superbowl team.

Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills

The horrid Falcon season continues as they lost to the New Orleans Saints last Thursday. At this point, these guys are playing for their own jobs next year. Not even sure if they can win this week in Buffalo. The Bills had the week off and got healthy. EJ Manuel, Stevie Johnson, and CJ Spiller should be all the healthiest they have been in a while. At least for 2 bad teams, this shouldn’t be boring.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns

The Jags are playing better since they started thinking straight and put Chad Henne in for Blaine Gabbert. To get 2 wins against 2 divisional opponents is just about the best they can ask for right now. The Browns have talent and if you haven’t seen Josh Gordon play before, you’re missing one of the future, if not already, top WRs in the sport. He just needs to make sure he keeps his head straight and his nose clean.

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks (Monday Night Game)

In what will be the game of the week, the 9-2 Saints fly out West to face the 10-1 Seahawks. The winner of this game will have the edge on the all-important #1 seed in the NFC. Both teams just don’t seem to lose at home so whoever gets the upper hand will be the favorite to go to the Superbowl, and not by a small margin. Both teams are undefeated at home and even though they do it in different ways, both can put points on the board and play defense. The last time these 2 met was in the 2010 playoff when an 11-5 Saints team went into Seattle and were upset by a 7-9 Seahawk team, 41-36. Will we see a replay of that?

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