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AFC and NFC South Previews: Week 11

These are the AFC and NFC South previews for week 10 in the NFL

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans (Thursday Night Game)

Last week was a forgettable week for both of these teams. The Colts got completely blitzed by the Rams and got destroyed 38-8 while the Titans were embarrassed by losing to arguably the worst team in the league, the previously winless Jaguars. The Colts still are at the top of the division and can recover, With Jake Locker getting hurt and season now ended, the Titans once promising soft 2nd half schedule, now looks like the start of a 2nd half swoon that could send the Titans to a top 10, if not a top 5 pick. Colts should role in this one easily.

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

San Fran returns to the scene of the crime, the place where they lost the Superbowl to the Ravens just 9 months ago. They started the year with an extremely tough schedule, then they went through a couple games to get their confidence up, but now they are back in the middle of the gunfire again. After facing the Carolina Panthers last week and losing a tough game 10-9, they now travel to New Orleans to play in a dome where the Saints rarely lose. This should be the game of the week. Saints put on a show vs. Dallas last week. I expect a similar effort vs. the Niners.

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is a game of 2 bad teams and it shouldn’t be given too much time too, but I have to give TB credit for winning their 1st game of the game last Monday against Miami. The Falcons lost again, getting destroyed by Seattle 33-10. To be honest, you can’t really pick a winner between these 2. Tampa Bay lost another RB in Mike James and the Falcons will be starting to look towards next year pretty soon.

Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans

Both of these teams may have bad records, but unlike the previous game I mentioned and the next game I will be mentioning, they aren’t ugly to watch. Oakland can’t move the ball with Pryor still nursing that knee injury. Houston has weapons and Case Keenum has been playing well as their new starter. They should be able to handle an injury plagued Raider team at home this week.

Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars

I’ll start this one off the same way I did for Tampa Bay. I have to give kudos to the Jaguars for winning their 1st game of the year. The Cardinals also got a good solid win last week against the Texans. This is another game that won’t exactly be the headline on Sportscenter, but at least Arizona should be able to put up some points. I don’t expect the Jags to pull of the shocker for 2 straight weeks.

New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers (Monday Night Game)

Everyone that knows me knows that I have been the conductor on the Panther’s bandwagon. They paid me off with them proving me right last week when they knocked off the 49ers. Now they have to keep playing as hungry as they did last Sunday because Tom Brady is coming to town. This is probably the best Monday Night game they have had or will have all year. Brady’s experience will be another type of test that the Panther defense has not faced yet. Everyone seems to be healthy on the Pats, so this should be a good battle of offense vs. defense. These are the type of games that make you love football.

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