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Fantasy Flash Week 11: Pickups

Week 11 Pickups:


Josh McCown – Just as we thought he was gone, he ropes us right back in. Jay Cutler returned and started last week, but then left because of a high ankle sprain. Those type of injuries usually are 2-3 weeks so expect McCown to carry the load in a very friendly schedule.

Case Keenum – It may be too late to get Keenum now, but if he’s out there, he’s got a GREAT schedule, including 2 games against Jacksonville. He has a good matchup against a raider team that is struggling badly and putting their defense in bad positions without Pryor moving the ball on offense.


Brian Leonard/Bobby Rainey – These 2 will split time for the Bucs with both Doug Martin and Mike James now sent to injured reserved. Rainey is a smallish type back who will be the change of pace guy, but I don’t think he will get much of a chance with Leonard being 1 of the coach’s favorites since Rutgers.

Dennis Johnson – Some people out there are saying who? This is a pick up all the people that had Foster or that currently has Ben Tate. Foster is now on injured reserve and Ben Tate isn’t exactly the picture of health. Johnson may end up being the lone wolf at RB by the end of the year. Stash him now.


Aaron Dobson – I mentioned this guy last week and if he’s still available, put the waiver in for him now. He seems to be Brady’s favorite WR because he’s the only one that he can depend on to be on the field every week.

Riley Cooper – While Desean Jackson seemed to be Michael Vick’s favorite, Riley Cooper seemed to be the favorite of Nick Foles. I think it’s pretty evident that Foles, barring injury, will be the starter the rest of the year, so Cooper is the guy to have.

Tyler Eifert – He can now be freed. Tyler Eifert will be the #1 TE in Cincinnati for the 2nd straight week, partially because he is more talented, mostly because Jermaine Gresham is injured. Any way you can get it, take it. Eifert played all 91 snaps last week and is fully prepared to do that same this week.


Buffalo – Buffalo has played pretty tough all year. They got ripped apart with big plays against the Jets when they played in week 3, however, they were without their top CB and they were on the road. This should be a better performance for them.

Cincinnati – The Bengals are a team that you haven’t really been able to depend on them, but they have been pretty solid when playing at home. They lost to the Browns in Cleveland in week 4. That was a defensive battle for 3 quarters, this should be similar.


Those are your pickups for week 11 in the NFL.

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