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AFC and NFC South Previews: Week 10

These are the AFC and NFC South previews for week 10 in the NFL

Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers

This game could be 1 of the best games of the week. If you haven’t seen the Panthers yet this year, then it’s time to start paying attention. This team plays old school football. They are a power rushing offense with a tremendous defense. They will be facing 1 of the favorites in the NFC in the 49ers. This will be a true test as to if the Panthers can be contenders in the playoffs. I think they are legit and any good defensive team like their can win on the road. My eyes will mostly be on this game this weekend. Your eyes should be too.

Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons

The Seahawks are not the same team on the road as they are at home, everyone knows that, but the Falcons this year are not as good of a team as they have been over the past couple years, period. The Falcons are pretty much done at 2-6 and Julio Jones done for the year. While the Seahawks will try to wipe the bad taste of their mouths, even though they won the last 2 weeks. They have been horrible on the defensive ground game and they know they mush sure that up to win the NFC, especially against SF.

Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals

These are 2 teams that were supposed to be better than their records show they currently are. The Texans were 1 of the 2-3 favorites for the AFC. They were 2-0 and fast forward 7 weeks and they are 4-4 and fighting to stay in the playoff race. They will have to go on the road without their coach, Gary Kubiak, who collapsed on the field last week against the Colts. Wade Philips will be the interim coach. This should be an interesting game to watch.

St, Louis Rams at Indianapolis Colts

The Rams have played tough the last 2 and Zac Stay has been going crazy with back to back 125+ yard games, but this game will be primarily be about the Colts. Even without Reggie Wayne, the Colts were able to put up 27 points, despite the slow start last week in Houston. This week, they return home to continue their normal winning ways. With wins against Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver, we are looking at a true Superbowl contender in the Colts.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans

I don’t have much to say about the Jaguars, they are bad, not as bad as when Blaine Gabbert is the QB, but they are still bad. The Titans, as I’ve said previously, have a pretty soft 2nd half schedule that includes their game against the Rams last week, the Jags this week and games against Oakland, Arizona, and a 2nd game against Jacksonville. Their schedule could take them to a 9-7 or 10-6 type year, but 1st they have to take care of a game they are should win, at home, against 1 of the worst teams in the league.

Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints (Sunday Night Game)

Most people you speak to this week will say the Saints definitely win this game, but do you ever get those gut feelings or see something happening before it happens when your eyes? Well, that’s happening with me regarding this game. Saints are 1 of the top 2-3 best teams at home in the entire NFL, but I think the Cowboys will be loose and play a great game. Keep in mind that last year, late in the year, Dallas went to OT with the Saints and lost 34-31 in a thriller, that was in Dallas, can they do the same in New Orleans?

Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Monday Night Game)

Even I have to admit it, this is a pretty ugly Monday Night game, but is bad football better than no football? Don’t ask that to some of the Thursday Night Football pessimist. Miami is in turmoil with the bad headlines regarding the “bullying” case involving rookie Jonathan Martin and Richard Incognito. The Buccaneers blew a 21-0 lead in Seattle last week and are winless. This game won’t cause much people to lose any sleep, but I do think Tampa gets their 1st win of the year, but god bless whoever sees it.

Enjoy the games.

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