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Fantasy Flash Week 10: Starts and sits

Starts: (outside of top 10 players of that position):


Robert Griffin III – This maybe my last grasp at RG3. He has been a HUGE disappointment this year. Has it been all his fault? No, but excuses don’t give you extra fantasy wins. He is just in a heavy running offense that doesn’t score by the pass that much. This is a dream matchup. He must score 2-3 TDs.

Russell Wilson – I still think Wilson is a better real QB than fantasy QB, but he has a good matchup this week and even though he’s a borderline starter on “most” weeks, I think he’s a definite start this week. Falcon’s defense has been horrendous this year.


Trent Richardson – I know Richardson’s fantasy owners are already fed up with him, but this may be finally his breakout week. They go against a bad Ram’s rush defense that let Chris Johnson have his best game of the year last week. Richardson should do the same.

Maurice Jones Drew – As I mentioned in another article, the Titans rush defense has been very bad lately. This could be MJD’s last chance to shine this year and maybe for his career as a Jaguar.I expect 80-100 yards and a TD.


Pierre Garcon – Most of the time if I have a QB in my starts, then his #1 WR will be in my starts also. Garcon’s year has been inconsistent, but that is mostly because of the offense and QB play this year. He should find the end zone this week.

Keenan Allen – I can’t gush about Allen any more than I have been over the last 2 weeks. If you are NOT starting him, then you have completely missed the boat. He’s clearly the #1 option for Rivers in that high passing offense, even over Gates.


Jordan Reed – Yeah, we are back to Redskins vs. Vikings again. Since we are on the Washington offensive party boat, you might as well grab RG3’s TE. I don’t think you have to ask me who I think will win this game.



Colin Kaepernick – Watching Kaepernick play as his fantasy owner can really piss you off sometimes. He has the talent of a top 5 guy, but because of the offense and his inconsistency, he’s either hit or miss. I’m benching him this week against arguably the best or at worst top 3 defense in the league in Carolina.

Matt Ryan – It may not have sunk into his owners yet, but Matt Ryan is done for this year. He may have 1 or 2 good games for the stretch, but with no Julio Jones and injured Roddy White, he has been turned into what I thought he was at BC, a slight above average QB


Knowshon Moreno – Moreno has been given the benefit of opposing defense putting 7-8 men in coverage to try to slow down Peyton Manning. However, Denver is slowing bring on Montee Ball and without TDs, Moreno is on the level with Pierre Thomas.

Steven Jackson – Jackson doesn’t seem to be all the way back yet, but even if you feel he is, do you really feel the Seahawks will have 3 straight bad games against opposing RBs? Is it possible, yes, but if it happens, there will be more questions about Seattle, then praise for S-Jax.


Anquan Boldin – Boldin has been on and off this year because he has been very dependent on the matchup and if his team is up big or not. This week, this “sit” is purely about matchup. Carolina is that good that I’d bench 1 of my favorite players in the league.

Vincent Jackson – He normally gets flooded with targets, but before last week, TB said their QB was throwing too much and they wanted to run more and that’s exactly what they did. Against a Miami defense that is good against the pass, I don’t expect much at all from V-Jax this week.


Coby Fleener – What do I say about Fleeners 3 catch 64 yard performance last week? Do it again. I have no confidence in the butter fingered TE from Stanford. Add to the fact that Indy should be up early in this game and that gives me even more incentive to find another option.


That was your Fantasy Football Flash Week 10 info.

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