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NFL Game Previews: Week 3

These are the NFL game previews for week 3 in the NFC East and the AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles (Thursday Night Game)

Andy Reid leads his 2-0 Chiefs into his old stomping ground as he faces the Eagles. This will mean a lot to both teams, but probably more to the Chiefs. This is their chance to validate their start and put everyone on notice that they are a serious team to deal with this year. The Eagles try to bounce back from a disappointing loss to the Chargers last week and get ready for another high scoring game. This seems to be the usual under Chip Kelly this year, no defense, all offense. This time, I think it works as the Eagles will avoid the embarrassment at home of Andy coming in and leaving with a win.

Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins

It is being said that Reggie Bush is 50-50 as to if he will be playing. Joique Bell can fill in nicely, but he doesn’t have the same explosiveness. The Redskins have been bad so far through 2 games, especially in the 1st halves of the games. They need to get off to a quicker start and unleash the hounds on Matt Stafford. The Lions have to show they can win a game outside of their dome. Calvin Johnson arrived last week, he has to have a similar game, but he needs some help. I think they will have trouble without a fully healthy Reggie Bush on the field and the Redskins get win #1 this year.

San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans

The hot Philip Rivers brings the Chargers to Nashville for the Titans home opener. After losing on a last second FG in week 1 and winning on a last second FG in week 2, who knows what the Chargers have left for game 3. The Titans offense still leaves a lot to be desired, but their defense has done a complete 180 when they gave up a league worst 471 points. They shut down the Steelers in week 1 and then pushed the heavily favored Houston Texans within a missed 2 point conversion of pulling off the upset. Their offense has to give a bit more this week, if they do, they will improve to 2-1.

New York Giants at Carolina Panthers

For these two 0-2 teams, it’s do or die time. The Panthers got off to a bad start last year and ended well, but they coaching staff will not be able to lant another year if they continue the same way this year. The desperately need a win at home. The Giants faced 2 tough teams in the 1st 2 weeks and need a win to avoid the dreaded 0-3. The Giants have to find a way to get David Wilson involved again. If he fumbles, they have to decide either to keep rolling with him or drop him after this year, but they cannot continue to ignore the run game and pass 40-50 times, and Andre Brown is not walking through the door to help anytime soon. Backs against the wall, Giants find a way.

St Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys

The Rams have played tough in both games this year. They won a mini shootout against the Cardinals in week 1 and came back from being down big to the Falcons last week and came up a bit short. They now will be forced to score big against as they head into big D to face the Cowboys. Dallas lost a disappointing game they were winning in Kansas City last week. There is a lot of talk that they need to get back to basics and run the ball more to setup the pass, so expect a big game from DeMarco Murray. Tony Romo is still probably feeling the effects of his rib injury in week 1, so running would also release the pressure off of him. Cowboys get out early and hold on late.

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos (Monday Night Game)

This one will be the 1st or 2nd picks on many survival pools. The Raiders have played better than most people expected, but they now have to go into Denver and face the team that most people think are the best team in the AFC. They will find it very hard to keep up with the high scoring Peyton Manning. The Broncos are just continuing to do what is expected of them, scoring, and scoring a lot. They have not been unblemished, but they have not faced a team that I think will be a playoff team yet, and that includes this. They should roll through this one easily.

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