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NFL Week 2 Game and Fantasy Picks

Every week I’ll be giving weekly picks for the NFL games by straight up winner, the winner by spread, and fantasy studs, players to start, and borderline starts. These are the picks for NFL week 2 games.

New York Jets at New England Patriots – It should be interesting to see how both of these teams bounce back after their performances last week. The point spread is VERY high.

Straight up: New England Patriots
Spread: New York Jets +12
Fantasy Studs: QB Brady
Fantasy Starts: RB Ridley, New England Defense
Borderline Starts: WR Edelman, WR Kerley, TE Winslow

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans – The Titans played well on defense last week, now we get to see if it was more their defense or the Steelers offense. Houston must start better than they did last week.

Straight up: Houston Texans
Spread: Tennessee Titans +9.5
Fantasy Studs: RB Foster, WR A.Johnson
Fantasy Starts: RB C.Johnson, TE O.Daniels, Houston Defense
Borderline Starts: QB Schaub, WR Britt

St Louis Rams at Atlanta Falcons – I don’t see any way that Atlanta starts off the season 0-2. They don’t want to lose too much ground to the Saints and the Rams defense was shaky last week.

Straight up: Atlanta Falcons
Spread: Atlanta Falcons -7
Fantasy Studs: QB Ryan, WR J.Jones, TE Gonzalez
Fantasy Starts: RB S.Jackson, WR R.White, TE Cook
Borderline Starts: QB Bradford, RB D.Richardson, WR T.Austin

Carolina Panthers at Buffalo Bills – This is a very interesting game because both teams played very well last week as underdogs at home. The Panther offense has to put up more points.

Straight up: Carolina Panthers
Spread: Buffalo Bills +2.5
Fantasy Studs: QB Newton, RB Spiller
Fantasy Starts: WR S.Smith, TE G.Olsen, Carolina Defense
Borderline Starts: RB D.Williams, WR S.Johnson, Buffalo Defense

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears – I actually think the Bears have a pretty good schedule to succeed early in the year. That was a big win last week, but giving them 6.5 points is a lot.

Straight up: Chicago Bears
Spread: Minnesota Vikings +6.5
Fantasy Studs: RB Peterson, WR Marshall
Fantasy Starts: RB Forte, TE Rudolph
Borderline Starts: QB Cutler, WR G.Jennings, TE M.Bennett, Minnesota Defense, Chicago Defense

Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers – Just like the Falcons, I can’t see Green Bay starting 0-2. Washington defense goes from Chip Kelly to Aaron Rodgers, not exactly a walk in the park.

Straight up: Green Bay Packers
Spread: Washington Redskins +7.5
Fantasy Studs: QB Aaron Rodgers, WR Cobb
Fantasy Starts: QB RG3, RB Morris, WR Nelson, TE Finley
Borderline Starts: RB Lacy, WR J.Jones, WR Garcon, TE F.Davis

Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts – Miami got a touch road win with no running game last week. They can’t do the same this week. Will Lamar arrive? Colts need to be better than last week also.

Straight up: Indianapolis Colts
Spread: Indianapolis Colts -3
Fantasy Studs: None
Fantasy Starts: QB Luck, WR Wayne
Borderline Starts: RB L.Miller, RB V.Ballard, WR Wallace, WR Hilton, Indianapolis Defense

Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs – To be honest, I don’t know why Kansas City is the favorite. They were impressive last week, but it was against the worst team in the league.

Straight up: Dallas Cowboys
Spread: Dallas Cowboys +2.5
Fantasy Studs: RB Charles, WR D.Bryant, TE Witten
Fantasy Starts: QB Romo, RB Murray, WR M.Austin
Borderline Starts: WR D.Bowe, Dallas Defense

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens – I don’t think the Ravens are that good this year with all the losses they got in the offseason, but without Josh Morgan, I don’t think the Browns can put up enough points.

Straight up: Baltimore Ravens
Spread: Cleveland Browns +7
Fantasy Studs: RB T.Richardson, RB R.Rice
Fantasy Starts: None
Borderline Starts: WR T.Smith, TE Jordan, Baltimore Defense, Cleveland Defense

San Diego Chargers at Philadelphia Eagles – What an offensive show Chip Kelly and the eagles put on last week. He’ll learn from last week to don’t take the foot off the gas so early this week.

Straight up: Philadelphia Eagles
Spread: Philadelphia Eagles +9
Fantasy Studs: RB McCoy
Fantasy Starts: QB Vick, RB Mathews, WR D.Jackson
Borderline Starts: QB Rivers, TE Gates, Philadelphia Defense

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals – This game will be fun to watch and there will be a bunch of points on the scoreboard. I just think Detroit has a little more firepower. It could be the game of the week.

Straight up: Detroit Lions
Spread: Detroit Lions pk em
Fantasy Studs: WR C.Johnson, Fitzgerald
Fantasy Starts: QB Stafford, RB R.Bush
Borderline Starts: QB Palmer, RB Mendenhall, WR M.Floyd, WR Roberts, TE Pettigrew

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Saints are normally not the same type of team on the road and Tampa Bay isn’t as bad as they were last week. I predict a 3-4 type game.

Straight up: New Orleans Saints
Spread: New Orleans Saints -3
Fantasy Studs: QB Brees, RB Martin, TE Graham
Fantasy Starts: WR Colston, WR V.Jackson
Borderline Starts: QB Freeman, RB Ingram, RB Spoles, WR Moore, WR M.Williams

Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders – No matter how good this game could end up being, I’m guessing it won’t exactly be the #1 cooler topic on Monday, so I’ll just pick the winner.

Straight up: Oakland Raiders
Spread: Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5
Fantasy Studs: None
Fantasy Starts: RB Jones-Drew, RB McFadden
Borderline Starts: WR Shorts, Jacksonville Defense, Oakland Defense

Denver Broncos at New York Giants – Giants are only 4.5 point underdogs because they can score points, but after watching Denver last week, do you really think Eli can stay within a touchdown of Peyton?

Straight up: Denver Broncos
Spread: Denver Broncos +4.5
Fantasy Studs: QB P.Manning, WR D.Thomas
Fantasy Starts: RB Wilson, WR Nicks, WR Cruz, WR Welker, TE J.Thomas
Borderline Starts: QB E.Manning, RB Moreno, RB Ball, WR Decker, TE Myers, Denver Defense

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks – This will be the matchup of the week. Seattle is a great home team and I think the 49ers are the best team in the league. Sit back and enjoy this one.

Straight up: San Francisco 49ers
Spread: San Francisco 49ers +2.5
Fantasy Studs: RB Lynch, TE V.Davis
Fantasy Starts: QB Kaepernick, RB Gore, WR Boldin, San Francisco Defense
Borderline Starts: QB R.Wilson, WR G.Tate, Seattle Defense

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals – Steelers may have the worst offensive line in football with Pouncey being out for the year. Bengals need to bounce back from the disappointing loss last week.

Straight up: Cincinnati Bengals
Spread: Cincinnati Bengals +6.5
Fantasy Studs: WR AJ Green
Fantasy Starts: Cincinnati Defense
Borderline Starts: QB Dalton, RB Green-Ellis, RB Redmon, WR A.Brown

That’s all this week for the game and fantasy picks. So until next week, good luck on all your matchups and enjoy the games.

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