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Fantasy Football – Bargains, Busts & Sleepers

Hello to all you fantasy football junkies. The NFL season is just a couple weeks away and that means it is time for fantasy football drafts to begin. Now, some of you may have had your draft already and some of you may still be preparing. Either way, I hope you will still be able to utilize the information presented here. Remember that knowledge is power. The more you know, the better decisions you can make not just for your drafts, but also throughout the season. Drafting a good team is vital, but playing the waiver wire and free agent pool is just as important. Without further ado, here is my compilation of guys to draft, guys to stay away from and guys to take chances on.


Michael Vick- He was officially named the starter. I’m a little biased when it comes to Vick but he is a guy you can get as a backup QB that has the upside of a top 5 QB. I also think he will be a better fit in Chip Kelly’s offense. Vick also has extra motivation, he is playing for a new contract after this season.

Carson Palmer- He will be throwing to Larry Fitzgerald. Cardinals hired Bruce Arians in the offseason and we all know how he likes to throw downfield. Think of Andrew Luck last year (4,374 pass yds, 23 TDs) and how he made a career year out of Reggie Wayne. Rob Housler is a giant TE (6’6, 260lbs) who can catch and block. Carson has better weapons, better team, and better offensive scheme then he has since coming back to the NFL. Plus you can get him in the final rounds of drafts or pretty much for a dollar in auction leagues.

Maurice Jones-Drew- He was the leading rusher two years ago. Reports confirm he is fully healthy. Played half a season last year so his legs should still be fresh. The Jaguars are awful and Mojo is the centerpiece of this offense. He is being drafted outside the top 15 RBs but could easily finish inside the top 5.

Rashard Mendenhall- There is nothing exciting or sexy about him but he is the starter and that means a lot in a year where RBs are at a premium. He also has a former head coach in Bruce Arians who brought him over to Arizona. He is a three down back, but he just needs to stay healthy.

Steve Smith- Pound for pound one of the toughest receivers in the NFL. Going in the middle rounds, but he is the number one receiver on the team and also has Cam Newton throwing him the ball. His age is getting up there but I don’t see any sign of him slowing down just yet. Nothing exciting or sexy but solid and consistent.

Hakeem Nicks- I know he is injury prone and this is all based on if he can play a full season. Nicks is sliding pretty far in drafts, but we all know what he can do when he plays. Giants will continue to throw the ball and Nicks is one of the best in the red zone.


Tom Brady- Nothing against Tom Terrific but he lost a lot of his weapons this offseason. Welker, Lloyd, Hernandez, Woodhead are all gone. Gronkowski is still nursing his injuries. For such a high price tag, I would much rather draft Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton.

Frank Gore- Similar to Tom Brady, his price tag is a lot higher than his value. Gore constantly has nagging injuries, his yards per carry has been decreasing the past couple seasons and I don’t think he will see many receptions out of the backfield this year. Plus he always seems to have that “game time decision” label and nothing drives fantasy owners more crazy than that.

Mike Wallace- This one is pretty self explanatory. Dolphins overpaid for him, Ryan Tannehill has an average arm and the Dolphins will try to run the ball more this year.


Giovani Bernard- The Bengals drafted him as the first running back in this years draft ahead of Eddie Lacy and Montee Ball. He will see a lot of action on thrid downs and the Bengals are planning to line him up in the slot. Its a matter of when, not if, he will see a full time role and become the lead back.

Rueben Randle- Victor Cruz is banged up in preseason and Hakeem Nicks is injury prone. Randle is a physical receiver with good speed. He is the reason why the Giants did not give Hakeem Nicks a contract extension. When and not if he becomes a starter, he will see a whole of targets from Eli Manning. If he doesn’t pan out, you can always cut him because he didn’t cost you anything to begin with.

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