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The Top 5 NFL Running Backs going into 2013 season

There is nothing more subjectively aggravating than putting together a Top Five list in anything. Albums, rollercoaster’s, burgers, rib joints…ask 100 different people and you will get 100 different lists. The same goes for ranking the Top 5 NFL Running Backs going in to the 2013 season. Sure some of the names will remain the same, but getting a consensus can be amazingly difficult. Let me know how that works out for you…

When it comes to sports you can multiply that difficulty by 10.  When talking football, multiply again by 10.  When it comes to Running Backs, you got it again by 10. Some people like to say “Numbers Never Lie”. That might be true, but they also don’t tell you the whole truth…especially when it comes to the NFL Running Back.

1. Adrian Peterson: Minnesota Vikings

No matter how you cut up this list I can’t start anyplace else. 2,097 yards and 6 yards per carry…go ahead and argue with me if you must. I’ll drop you off at your therapy appointment because you have issues. On team where the only other option (Percy Harvin) was more than likely sidelined due to one issue or another and coming off major knee surgery defenses stacked up and had one thing in mind when the Vikings came to town – stop Peterson. Few did. Five times he was held under 100 yards…4 of those 5 games he had fewer than 20 carries. I’ve only seen better twice in my lifetime…and I’m Old. No one has ever run for 2,000 yards twice in their career, A.D. will do it in back to back seasons.

2.  Jamaal Charles: Kansas City Chiefs

J Mail? I can hear you scratching your head. But no one did more with less than Jamaal Charles did last season. 1,754 total yards from scrimmage all while being misused by Romeo Crennel on a weekly basis, is nothing short of Amazing.  There wasn’t a bigger waste of talent in the NFL in 2012. Charles had 17 or fewer carries in 8 games last year. And 80 fewer carries than Peterson. Enter Andy Reed and his west coast style. J Mail Goes BOOM.

3. CJ Spiller: Buffalo Bills

Last seasons surprise is set to do more of the same this season, CJ Spiller stepped in when Fred Jackson once again went down and reminded the NFL why he was taken so high – #9 in the 2010 NFL entry Draft. Averaging 6.8, let me repeat that SIX point Eight yards per touch last season racking up 1,244 yards on the ground and another 459 catching balls out of the back field. This season Doug Marrone is at the helm and set to use Spiller in ways he only dreamed of using Reggie Bush in New Orleans. Look for CJ to not only be lead guy in the backfield but put in the slot and even spread out wide.   Just think of the numbers this kid could rack up if he played against the Bills and not for them? I might have CJ too low at number three.

4. Arian Foster:  Houston Texans

It’s more than a new offence in KC and a year long workload for CJ Spiller in Buffalo that has Foster here at number four on my list. Foster has been the most used and abused Running Back over the past two seasons with 1,115 touches from 2010 thru 2012. Getting hit this often and this hard will take something out of anyone which can be seen in his dropping yards per numbers. 4.9 to 4.4 and last season to 4.1 yards per carry. If the Texans want to keep their franchise back walking upright the amount of work Foster gets is going to have to drop off. Houston was exposed late last season and Gary Kubik knows his team needs to become more diverse on offense.

There might be nothing harder than coming up with that last person in any top five or ten list. You know no matter how many fans you upset with your top four picks and where you placed them this one is the most difficult because of who you left off who missed the cut. I’m sorry Ray Rice disciples, with the turnover in Baltimore, there are just to many ifs and buts and there is no way I’m trusting Mike Shanahan enough to put Alfred Morris here. And no matter how Muscled the Hamster is you have to do it more than once Rook. Get the Skittles ready…

5. Marshawn Lynch:  Seattle Seahawks

Lynch is no post season flash in the pan. He isn’t a man on a mission for a contract alone. Those side stories are done. Over the past two seasons Lynch is second in the NFL in rushing yards and third in getting into the end zone. He gobbles up yards and eats pain like the skittles he craves. A throw back to days when running backs looked to dish out punishment and you have to love that! The only thing that drops him to number five on this list is an expanded playbook for Russell Wilson the addition of Percy Harvin and the NFL’s new rules on backs lowering their helmets…I hate that rule already. Taste the rainbow people.

That’s it sports fans – my top five running backs for the 2013 NFL season. If you agree with me – great… if you don’t – EVEN BETTER. That’s why we love sports. We don’t have to agree…lets just disagree over a beer.



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